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What Do We Do?

Boost New Sales and Customer Acquisition

How Do We Do It?

By Analyzing User Intent to Influence Decision Making

Our Proven Process

Continuous R&D, Planning, Execution and Measurement

SEODecode: Your Secret Weapon in SEO Mastery

Want to increase your business presence online? SEODecode, is your partner to help achieve organic growth and maximize online visibility. We are an organic SEO services company that focuses on bust old-school SEO tactics and applying modern SEO techniques to transform traffic into customers. Our SEO services cater to businesses in India and the USA, offering AI-based SEO techniques to enhance your digital presence and drive meaningful results.

At SEODecode, we specialize in a range of services including Local SEO Services, International SEO services, E-commerce SEO, and SEO for small businesses in Pan India and USA. Our team of experienced professionals understands the unique dynamics of both markets and crafts customized solutions to meet your specific business goals.

Get Over old-school SEO Techniques

that are no longer effective. Understand what modern-day SEO looks like before you set up your expectations.


Overnight Upsurge in Traffic is Not What SEO Guarantees

SEO isn't a magical trick. SEO doesn't guarantee instant gratification and short-term gains, initial efforts don't always translate to web traffic and visibility. And this is certainly not what we do. If you see SEO as a shortcut to success and are expecting quick results, then SEODecode is not the right place for you. Explore more about the real SEO trends and understand the real potential to get the best outcomes.

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Gradual Organic Traffic Growth for Long-term Sustainability

Modern-day SEO is not at all about working for Search Engines or their Ranking Algorithms. Instead Search Engines themselves suggest you focus on your website visitors because they are your potential buyers. It is a long-term game that signifies completing the buyers’ journey from the initial web interaction to conversion and improving the user experience is the only algorithm that pleases search engines, too.

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You may not know what you have been doing, but...
google knows what you have been doing.
decoding-the-big seo-picture
Not Every Curve is a Growth Curve

Decoding the Big SEO Picture

While everyone wants to have #1 Ranking on Google, there's no sure-shot formulas or winning strategies to help websites make it to the top. Old-school SEO techniques are no longer relevant or efficient and sticking to the same may lead to serious SEO woes in the future.

The initial burst of traffic might give you instant gratification and temporary results, but in the long run, you and your business may find it difficult to withstand the challenges.

For long-term growth and success, acquiring new customers and focusing on new sales is the key and sustainable organic traffic is the most significant driving factor. This is what we exactly do at the SEODecode.

Look beyond basic SEO metrics like search visibility and traffic generation, instead focus on the bigger picture:

  • Improved User Experiences

  • New Sales and Conversions

  • Progressive Traffic

  • Lead Generation

  • Customer Acquisitions

What Do We Do?

Data-driven SEO
The Core of Our Operations

Let us set up tangible targets so that we both know what we are aiming for as for us, growth doesn't mean anything unless it is outlined by some significant numbers.

What Do We Do

Unlike most traditional SEO agencies, we don't believe in assumption-based strategies. At SEODecode, we do things a little differently. We believe in numbers. We believe in countable figures. We believe in setting up tangible targets and attaining them with the tricks and tactics that are fueled by consumer data.

Data analytics with respect to different metrics helps us understand whether or not your website is performing optimally along with identifying the opportunities and the challenges. It enables us to provide you with detailed insights and make well-informed decisions for all-round progress.

Four main pillars of our Data-driven SEO are:
  • Website Auditing

  • Content Analysis

  • Technical SEO

  • Detailed Reporting

What Do We Do

How Do We Do It?

We are on a mission to change the way the world sees SEO, because for us SEO means business. We measure your success by the number of new sales and new customer acquisition instead of focusing on just traffic generation. We believe in formulating strategies that work and delivering results that matter.

Data Analytics
Ionic Ios Arrow Forward

Efficient data analytics help us set up meaningful and tangible objectives for your success. It further enables us in tracking the progress report of your organic business growth in an easy-to-understand way. For us, driving new sales and acquiring new customers is the only KPI we believe in.

We plan to bring your targeted audience to your website and ensure that you have useful information to address their queries and encourage the users to make purchase decisions. We do it by combining excellent user experience, meaningful content and intimidating Call-to-Action for optimal results.

Neither two businesses nor their target audiences are alike. Each business needs a very specific process for fruitful organic gains and it requires the right set of resources to understand the requirements, execute the plans and deliver the results. Proper execution of the strategies is the key and we know our responsibility very well.

Multiple A/B testing helps us evaluate different strategies and techniques, allowing us to formulate the most suitable plans to promote sustainable organic growth. What's more, customized checklists with different KPIs, factors and metrics help us analyze and work on special areas to improve user experience.

Want to know how SEODecode can help open new sales avenues?

Our Proven Process

What do We do to Turn Online Traffic into Potential Customer?

Website Design

Website Design Analysis and Optimization

Legends say “First Impression is the Last Impression”. Once a visitor lands on your website, the first thing that he notices is the look and feel, which ultimately shapes his perception about your business. Your website should have a proper flow, created in a way that it is easy to navigate and find what they are looking for and make buying decisions without any hassles.

Website Design

Website Analysis and Optimization

Long gone are the days of pleasing search engines with keywords, sales pitches, and Call-to-Actions. Now is the time to focus on the end users, capturing their intent and addressing them accordingly with the right set of technical SEO activities. Search engines openly advocate the same approach and give preferences to user-oriented websites.

Website Analysis
Profile Listing

Content Analysis and Optimization

We truly understand this concept and have enabled ourselves to capitalize the power of content. When it comes to products and services pages, they must address users' commercial intent thoroughly while blogs and informative sections on your website should be more focused towards educating your users about your niche. Your content defines how deeply your business is rooted towards addressing your users' queries and needs.

Appropriate Landing

Profile Listing

Also referred to as Business Listing, Profile Listing is a dynamic snapshot of your organization that outlines your critical business details, USPs and other essential features, enabling potential customers to quickly discover, interact, learn about, and engage with you - all from the SERP. This directly helps boost your searchability and visibility while adding more to your online reputation.

Appropriate Landing
Appropriate Landing

Appropriate Landing Pages

When it comes to creating a holistic user journey, landing pages play a pivotal role of stimulating a predetermined conversion. Professionally-created landing pages with business and offerings information and well-appointed Call-to-Action buttons can be the powerhouses of your organic marketing campaigns.

Appropriate Landing


Call-to-Actions are not just buttons or design motifs. They are meant to help users conclude their journey by making it easy for them to make decisions. Having CTAs at the right places encourages users positively while also helping them take predetermined actions conveniently.

Appropriate Landing
What Else Do We Do for Further Value Addition?

Deliver End-to-End Solutions to Strengthen Online Presence

Today, strong online presence is one of the biggest factors to influence quick and easy purchase decisions. We assume not every business has a dedicated team to create and maintain sound online reputation through different mass engagement channels and this is where our team can make a difference. Alongside our SEO services, we offer comprehensive digital solutions to solidify your web presence and open up new channels for new sales and customer acquisition.

Social Media Icon
Social Media Presence
Video Presentations
Video Presentations
Documents Creation
Documents Creation
Infographics Creation
Infographics Creation
Social Media Icon
Social Media Presence

Whether or not you exist on social media, now is the time to cash in on the opportunities that these channels behold. Organic promotion on social media networking sites is at the core of every successful digital marketing campaign as these platforms offer unique options to nurture connections with the customers at high scale. We formulate effective strategies to promote your brand organically on leading Social Media Networking Sites and help you make a mark.

Video Presentations
Video Presentations

The importance of videos cannot be overemphasized in today's fast-paced world. Be it branding and promotions, information sharing, or simple tutorials, videos go a long way in sending across the message as compared to any other form of content. With an in-house team of graphic and video designers, we can create unique videos to share your brand's story with your target audience and leave no stones unturned to help you get noticed.

Documents Creation
Documents Creation

Documentation, being a core part of any business, demands expertise and having a skilled workforce for the process may not be a feasible solution for most small and mid-sized businesses. We understand the documentation challenges faced by SMBs and offer professional services to address their requirements. From basic brochures and pamphlets to whitepapers and case studies to everything in between, you can get it done with SEODecode.

Infographics Creation
Infographics Creation

Infographics are widely used in the search engine landscape as they offer a unique way of demonstrating huge amounts of data in visual form with the help of designs, graphics, and symbols. Our infographics designing services include all types of content - interactive, static, and animated with relevant and engaging content for maximum outreach.

No Two Businesses are Created Equal. So, Why their SEO Strategy?

To know more about our customized SEO solutions,

Some astonishing



A page can rank for thousands of keywords with no backlinks

A website can drive excellent sales volumes with no off-page activities

Less than 20% businesses worldwide invest in SEO

More than 90% of the online engagements start with

Top 3 organic results on SERPs see a click-through rate of 52.5%.

A website can drive excellent sales volumes with no off-page activities

Less than 20% businesses worldwide invest in SEO

More than 90% of the online engagements start with

Top 3 organic results on SERPs see a click-through rate of 52.5%.

Busting Text busting Text

The SEO Myths

Clearing Misconceptions is our Moral Duty as SEO Enthusiasts

Every industry has its own share of myths and misconceptions, and SEO is no exception. While search engines have evolved drastically, the self-proclaimed SEO Gurus are still emphasizing decades-old strategies and techniques, which is why SEO agencies, Freelancer and Fiverr-based SEO experts are unable to make any positive impact. On different social channels, we often see people venting out negative feedback about SEO agencies and experts, all because of no conclusive results from them.

Here are a few myths that we would like to debunk:


SEO in 2024: It's more than just optimizing for clicks and visits. It's about crafting a seamless organic growth funnel that guides users from initial website interaction to confident purchase decisions. This requires a deep understanding of search engine algorithms, particularly their current focus on user intent, expertise, and AI-powered analysis. Achieve this by focusing on mobile-first optimization, user-friendly interfaces, high-quality content demonstrating your unique knowledge, and data-driven insights to tailor your content to user needs. Ultimately, SEO in 2024 rewards websites that prioritize user experience, expertise, and adaptability.

All other sales funnels only work when there is continuous input given. Such sales funnels dry up when you don't have inputs. But SEO is a kind of sales funnel, once set up properly, gives you results throughout the year, for years. So, it's clearly when you want your business to be discovered by thousands of users across the globe without your information.

Businesses of all sorts that want to create organic growth funnels need SEO. In simple words, any business having a website needs SEO for organic growth.

Yes, it requires continuous work because it's a long-term strategy and requires multiple A/B testing to find a perfect tune for your business.

The costing of SEO totally depends on the intensity of your niche'Fs competition. It also depends on the number of keywords, services, and the level of growth expectations.

There's no fixed time frame to obtain top rankings on SERPs. However, it is generally believed that it takes 3 to 6 months on average to rank if the right SEO ethics are followed. However, this is just an estimated time frame.

Website ranking depends on a number of parameters that go beyond traditional SEO like On-page and off-page optimization. Modern SEO gives the highest preference to user experience and session durations on the website.

Hence, when we initiate the project, we keep everything in mind to improve user experience of the website and ensure more stay duration on the website by adding CTAs and other essential elements and track the progress.

Getting relevant traffic to your website is not as difficult as it sounds if you get your basic SEO right. To ranks on search engines, we also strive to educate people

Higher Ranking,
By educating people through informative blogs
By spreading public awareness about niche through reputed article ……

Neither two businesses nor their SEO requirements are alike. It all begins from the initial audit and analysis of the given website - where different elements and metrics are evaluated. While some websites require minimum efforts and resources, there are others that demand high intensity progress - hence, the pricing varies from website to website. Once we identify the scope of improvement and the amount of work required to be done, we create a proposal and define the pricing.

Of course, we do. Content, being the lifeblood of the website and SEO process in general, requires special attention. Our SEO strategy comprises a thorough content analysis and basis our findings, we proceed with our content updation process.

You can complete the Registration Form available at (URL) or drop your request at (email address) with your SEO-related objectives and expectations. We then run a website audit to identify the areas to work on and then create a final proposal by incorporating all the details and deliverables. Once we get the approval, you can formally enter the contract.

Guarantee of success in SEO can be described as those SEO results specific promises, such as 'N' number of keywords on Top SERPs, X% of growth in web traffic, Y% of search visibility, etc. As convincing as it might appear, search engines and their ranking algorithms are beyond anyone's control, which nullifies the 'guarantee of success' in SEO.
Having that said, we take immense pride in being one of those few organic growth promoters who have successfully managed to deliver expected results in terms of gradual organic traffic growth followed by new sales and revenue generation through tailor-made SEO strategies.

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